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Top 10 Reasons to get Married in Canmore, Alberta


After getting engaged, choosing your wedding location is usually the first decision you need to make.

Canmore has grown considerably from the ‘the town before Banff’  to a vibrant tourist destination with a lot to offer.  Take a look at our blog and read our top 10 reasons to get married in Canmore, Alberta.

Yes, Cornerstone Weddings does get a mention (it’s our blog after all!)


1. It’s beautiful

Canmore has unsurpassed mountain beauty.  The landscape is literally breathtaking with 360 degree mountain views including the famous Three Sisters and Mount Rundle.  Plus, Canmore looks spectacular all year round, so if you want to get married outside of the traditional summer months, you can.


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2. Outdoor ceremony locations

There are so many outdoor locations in Canmore. The Town of Canmore  has three park locations to choose from.  The Canmore Nordic Centre also has 3 outdoor ceremony sites available to book.  Cornerstone Weddings has the Canmore Ranch as a private location exclusively for 2019 and many other wedding venues also have their own outdoor spot.

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3. Accommodation

There are thousands of hotel room and condos to choose from.  From 5 star condos, to world renowned names to small boutique, Canmore has it all.  Choose from 4 Clique Hotel  properties offering high end condos and hotel rooms. Waymarker has condos and hotel rooms to choose from in 6 locations.  On a budget?  Try out the new Super 8 Motel.  Want to bring the RV?  Choose a local campsite.

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4. Destination wedding – without the cost of airfare!

Canmore is a destination wedding location for almost all of our Cornerstone Wedding couples.  Most of our wonderful couples live in Alberta, making Canmore a destination wedding without asking your guests to fly to the Caribbean

5. Lots to see and do

As a tourist town, Canmore caters to the out of towners.  There are so many options for visitors to see and do during their stay in town.  From small strolls to 5 hour hikes, from a brewery tour to a helicopter flight, Canmore really does have it all.  Check out our blog on 5 things to do in 3 hours in Canmore (great options for your guests in between the ceremony and reception).



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6. Just visit us and see

Canmore was once a small mountain town that was ‘the town you passed before you get to Banff’.  A lot has changed in the past decade and Canmore is now a world class tourist destination.  Its growth hasn’t changed its small mountain feel and downtown still consists of boutique stores, art galleries and many mom and pop retail and restaurant options.  Its culinary scene is on the map with the annual Canmore Uncorked Food & Drink Festival and its high end accommodation options alongside camping and motels make it accessible for most Albertans.  Canmore is a delectable town that showcases mountain living and welcomes you at every opportunity.

7. Photo opportunities

There are so many amazing photo opportunities for you and your bridal party.

We highly recommending sourcing a local photographer or one that has already shot a wedding in the area as they know the popular palces for photos alongside the hidden gems.  Check out our blog about local photographer Kim Payant and Calgary based photographer Jayden Campbell


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8. Dining

Canmore has almost 100 dining options.  For a small mountain town of 15,000 people, this is pretty amazing.  From fast food to fine dining and everything in between, Canmore’s culinary options are sure to delight.

9. Local service providers

Although we are a small town, we have some tremendous wedding service providers  on hand to ensure your special day is just perfect



10. Cornerstone Weddings

We couldn’t complete our blog without giving ourselves a bit of a plug!

By the end of 2018, Cornerstone Weddings will have hosted over 500 weddings.  Our experience and knowledge of the local wedding industry alongside our two wonderful venues make us a perfect choice for your special day.  Check out our website for further details on ‘how your fairytale starts here….’


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