Cornerstone Theatre Wedding Coordinators have put together their TOP TIPS to ensure you pick the right Wedding Venue for your special day


After getting engaged, picking your wedding venue is usually the first of many big and important decisions.  Not only is the venue usually one of your larger expenses, you are choosing it for one of the most important days of your lives.  You need to ensure that the venue is the right one for you and it is going to work with your wedding ideas, guest numbers and themes.

We understand with such an important decision you will want to view more than one venue and therefore we have created a list of questions to assist you with comparing venues and ensuring you pick the right one for you.

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Is your dream date available?  Remember great venues can book up to 18 months in advance.  You may need to be flexible on your date to the get the venue you want.

How many other weddings will there be at the venue on your wedding day?

Will the public have access to any areas of your wedding?

Venue capacity

What is the venue capacity?

Will it fit your guest numbers comfortably?

Does the venue have a minimum spend?

Venues that have a minimum spend tend to not negotiate on it, so ensure you know you can meet it.

What is the service charge or gratuity?

Most venues will have a service or gratuity charge.  This will usually be anywhere from 15%-25%.  This is usually exclusive of the minimum spend.


Does your venue offer a set up and tear down service?  If so, what is included and what will you be expected to do?

If you do have to tear down some of your decor, what time does it all have to be out of the venue?

Ensure before you book you find out what decor is allowed at your venue and what is prohibited.  For example, most venues do not allow you to affix items to the wall or ceiling and only allow you to use their tables and chairs.

Are candles allowed?  If so, are there any restrictions?

Food Service

Can you bring your own food?

If you have to use a caterer, can you choose your own or do they have preferred supplier?

Do you have to use the venues caterer/chef?

Are you able to sample the food? Is there a charge?

Beverage Service

The beverage portion of your wedding reception can become expensive without having a plan and idea of how much you want to spend. There are many questions to ask regarding your bar service, however please see below some initial questions.

Can you bring in your own liquor?

If so, do you have to purchase a liquor license?

Does the venue have a liquor license?

What time is the liquor license until?

Can you bring in your own wine?  What is the corkage fee?

What bar options are available?

What is the payment schedule?

How much is the initial deposit?

What is the payment plan?

What payment methods can you use?

What is the cancellation/refund policy?


Who is your point of contact for the wedding ?

Will they be available throughout the entire planning process?

Will they be available on the day?

Will you get to meet all of the key staff prior to your wedding day?

Hidden charges

Nobody likes to see charges on their final bill that they were not prepared for. Ask your venue of any hidden charges that may occur, such as:

Bartender fees

Service charges or gratuity

Cake cutting fee


Decor storage fee

Cleaning fee

Statutory holiday fee

Event insurance



Do you have a coat check?

Is the facility wheelchair accessible?

Is there ample parking?


Does the venue have adequate air conditioning/heating facilities?

Can you take a look at the washroom facilities?

Do you have a list of preferred or recommended vendors?

We hope the above questions, help you book the right venue for your special day

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