At Cornerstone Canmore, we have the unique privilege of watching many happy couples start their new lives together. Weddings are all about celebrating the union of two individuals, and our team is glad to assist you in making sure your big day goes off without a hitch. One thing we also know, however, is that once the ceremony and honeymoon are over, many couples, especially young newlyweds, find themselves intimidated during the adjustment period to their new role as a spouse. Love is a tricky matter, and even the strongest duo will be tasked with a unique set of challenges to face together in their new union. You might be surprised to hear that we’re often asked: “what makes a good marriage?”. There’s no universal answer for happy matrimony (after all, every couple is different!), that much we can say for certain. Cornerstone took the time to ask a few of our staff members that have been together for a considerable period, as well as some of our guests, to see what they believe is their personal secret for wedded bliss. Read on to see what we found, and to hopefully find a tip or two that you can include in your relationship!

Healthy marriages are built on trust and support

A common theme we found amongst many of the couples we spoke with is a foundation of trust and mutual encouragement. Knowing that you can rely on your spouse can be a great source of comfort through trying times, and the stronger you grow together, the easier it is to face challenges as a team, and on your own.

The little things matter

Another consistent theme is taking the time to both acknowledge and take part in the small feats that keep the romance alive. No matter how long you’ve been together, taking the time to have a simple “date night” can work wonders when it comes to keeping your love fresh. Also worth noting: appreciate the simple things you get to share with your partner because you have them in your life. Make the time to give each other a hug before you run out the door in the morning. If you know they’ve had a rough day, find what you can do to take a little off their plate. Remember, you’re part of a team now. Even on the days when romance may be a little tougher to provide, never forget to find new ways to say “I love you” with thoughtful actions and words.

Differences and disagreements are a natural part of life

The reality of marriage is that they are, as we said, a union between two people. Even though you’re married, you’re still the same independent individual that your partner came to love before you walked down the aisle. No two personalities are the same, and every person has different needs and desires. Spending more time with each other and making joint decisions with your other half can be a hard learning curve, and inevitably leads to conflict. Realize that it’s okay to disagree, but remember to respect the other person in the process. Accepting your differences and finding common ground makes sure that your relationship stays even, and that both parties know that they are valued. On the days that you do fight, try not to beat yourself (or your spouse) up too much. Apologize, do your best to move on, and remember that you have the rest of your lives to figure out the little details.

While there’s no one secret to a happy marriage, keeping these themes in mind can help you minimize conflict and stay connected with your loved one. Commit to remembering the qualities that helped you fall in love with your partner, acknowledging them often, as well as providing support, and you’ll be well on your way to a long-lasting union. When you hit a bump in the road, try not to sweat the little things. You’re only human, and so is your spouse! We hope these tips help and welcome couples looking to learn more about the wedding/renewal of vow process to contact us today!