At Cornerstone Theatre, we’re fortunate to share “the big day” with many couples throughout the year. Behind the countless smiles, cheers, and yes, even tears, there’s another side to weddings that most tend to shy away from discussing: the many mishaps that could (and sometimes do!) occur. The reality of any big event, weddings, in particular, is that the level of detail involved carries the increased potential for things to go awry. To save yourself any wedding “oops!” moments, Cornerstone has compiled a few of the most common mishaps we see, along with our corresponding advice below.


Make sure your speeches are memorable for the right reasons

For most, Weddings are an emotional time, and giving your guests a chance to share their favourite memories and well-wishes to the couple can be a lovely way to enhance the experience. There are, however, a few cautionary things you’ll want to keep in mind first. Consider if there will be alcohol at the event and whether you want everyone having access to the mic. It’s also wise to make sure your MC/DJ are prepped and ready to transition the focus should things take a wrong turn gently.

Make sure your venue prevents any unwanted guests from wandering in

Ideally, you’ll want to make sure you’ve checked with your venue early in the booking process to make sure they have adequate measures to prevent unexpected visitors. While gatecrashers are a rarity, for everyone’s peace of mind, it’s best to have measures in place before your big day.

Keep an emergency kit of must-haves on hand

No matter the size of your wedding, the day of is a marathon, not a sprint. Save yourself the potential of multiple headaches by crafting a few “S.O.S.” kits to give to key members of your wedding party (MOH, best man, etc.). Inside, have essentials like Advil, band-aids, a small sewing kit (you never know when a wardrobe malfunction may strike), lipstick, hairspray, safety pins, etc. You can find several checklists on sites like Pinterest, or follow a simple guide like this. Also worth mentioning: don’t forget the wedding license or rings!

Consider wedding insurance

There’s no denying that weddings can be costly. One way to protect yourself is by investing in an insurance policy that can help cover sudden cancellations, illnesses, damaged attire, and more.


Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Sure, it might be easier said than done, but the reality of any big event is that things, no matter how big or small, will go wrong. Don’t let momentary blips ruin your day or descend into mayhem. Much like any relationship, if you come in expecting perfection, you’re likely to be disappointed. Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy yourself, spend time with friends and family, and appreciate your significant other no matter what happens. One day won’t define the course of your marriage, and in most cases, even major mishaps can be handled smoothly with a calm demeanour. Remember the reason you’ve gathered together, and focus on making happy memories to share with loved ones for years to come.

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