Winter Wedding Romance With Cornerstone Theatre - Cornerstone

If you’re familiar with Canmore and the Rocky Mountains, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite as breathtaking as snowcapped peaks and frost-kissed window panes during the colder months. Winter weddings can truly be a magical experience for couples looking to move away from the stereotypical summer save-the-date, especially when you consider cheaper rates and increased venue availability. If you and your loved one are considering a majestic winter backdrop for your ceremony and reception, below are a few perks, as well as a few tips to keep in mind!

Why Winter?

If you’re not sold on the idea of a winter wedding yet, but are wondering why many find the idea so appealing, there’s quite a few different reasons that appeal to couples. Not everyone finds the notion of having to deal with the sweltering summer sun ideal, and for others, the colder months may carry an extra level of sentiment. Whatever the case may be, there’s plenty of joy and magic to be found in the air when you’re in the Rocky Mountains, so there’s never a bad time to say “I do”!

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Plenty of Wonder…and Savings!

For some couples, one of the most appealing aspects of winter nuptials is the fact that dates throughout the colder months tend to be slightly cheaper than peak season in July and August. Starting your new life together can be expensive, so saving a little on your ceremony and reception can go a long way towards reducing post-wedding stress. As we mentioned above, there also tends to be the added benefit of less venue demand (this being said, it’s still wise to book with plenty of time to spare in order to avoid disappointment), which makes it easier to secure your perfect date.

Breathtaking Views

There’s no denying that the mountains are a stunning place to snap photos year-round, but winter tends to bring out something even more mystical. If you’ve always wanted to feel like a snow princess on your big day, posing under the snow covered peaks of the Three Sisters is sure to leave you with awe-inspiring photos that last a lifetime!

winter weddings alberta

Cozy, Charming, Intimate

While summer ceremonies and receptions can sometimes struggle to overcome “wedding season fatigue” for guests, winter weddings are full of an inherent charm and intimacy that can be hard to replicate in any other season. Add on seasonal favourites like a mulled wine bar or try a cold winter classic like Cornerstone Catering’s famous 72-hour stew to keep your guests warm and evoke a sense of home that will have your loved ones smiling with nostalgia for years to come!

Snow Lover’s Paradise

Finally, if you love winter adventures, a Rocky Mountain Wedding is the perfect fit. With four world-renowned ski resorts within driving distance of Canmore, there’s no better way to celebrate your big day than a day on the slopes!

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