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 Winter is the new summer – for weddings anyway!


We all know that summer is the traditional time to get married.  Hot sunny days, warm evenings and endless daylight.  However, what about a winter wonderland wedding with cozy fireplaces and breathtaking snowcapped mountains?

Winter screams romance and winter weddings in Canmore, Alberta, provide you with all of the above and so much more.

Not convinced?  Take a look below and see 5 reasons why we think Winter Weddings are not be overlooked.

Winter Weddings

1. Winter Weddings are cheaper than summer

There is no beating around the bush, weddings can be expensive.  Most vendors offer discounts during the winter season.  Cornerstone Weddings has a lower midweek minimum spend in 2019 for the winter months.  This means you could either save money, raise your guest count or treat your guests to more wedding goodies than you would with a summer wedding

Perhaps an open bar isn’t an option for the summer, but with lower guest numbers you can afford to splash out.  Add in a winter cocktail to make the day even more memorable.  A mulled wine bar is a popular option at Cornerstone Weddings.

Upgrade your menu with your savings to a plated dinner or add in a s’mores bar for dessert. 

With your savings invite your guests to brunch the day after the wedding.  Canmore has a host of great breakfast restaurants including the banquet room at the Canmore Nordic Centre and Cornerstone Catering

Winter wedding Canmore
Winter Wedding Cornerstone Theatre

2. Winter Weddings offer great accommodation deals

For most of our couples a Canmore wedding means guests have to stay overnight.  Canmore accommodation over the winter months is certainly cheaper than the peak summer season.  This is something I am sure your guests will thank you for and they may be able to stay an extra night and enjoy the local winter attractions.  Plus it means you may be able to afford a bridal suite upgrade to the penthouse!

3. Winter Weddings offer spectacular photo opportunities!

Canmore is known for its unsurpassed beauty and its mountain scenery is hard to beat at any time of the year.  However there is something magical about the winter months, the quietness, the snow sparkling in the sun that makes your photos a talking point for years to come.  Check out our blog on how to stay warm during your photo shoot.

Winter wedding Rocky Mountains
Winter Weddings

4. Winter Weddings can offer a cozy indoor ceremony and reception

There are so many options for warm and inviting winter wedding venues in Canmore.  Canmore locals love winter and we embrace the snow and the winter landscape but we also know how to make our restaurants, bars and venues cozy, welcoming and great for entertaining.  

At Cornerstone Weddings we have the delightful banquet room at the Canmore Nordic Centre which offers spectacular views of the snowcapped mountains.  We also have our cozy cabin style theatre that welcomes your guests with a rugged stone fireplace (great for photo opportunities) and our main room is spacious yet always feels cozy and intimate.  

5. Winter Wedding Added Extras!

Adding a hot chocolate bar with a splash of baileys (obviously adults only) is a memorable way to welcome your guests to your evening reception.

 Want to spice it up a bit?  Try a mulled wine bar with cinnamon sticks, star anise and of course delicious velvety wine.  Check out a great recipe here.

Don’t forget the delicious winter menus your venue or caterer will have exclusively for the colder months.  Stews, soups, warm desserts and more are all ready for you to choose from.


Mulled wine bar wedding

Step outside the box and pick a winter date for your special day.  After a busy summer wedding season, your guests will be looking forward to something different and unique and a winter wedding offers them and you just that.

 Want more inspiration, read The Knot’s bog on Biggest Winter Wedding Myths

  For more information on a Cornerstone Wedding, check out our website for further details.

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Winter Weddings
Winter Weddings